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COVID-19: How to Manage Anxiety

Wondering if there is anything you can do to decrease your anxiety about the current state of the world? 10% Happier is one of my favorite meditation apps. Here is a recent podcast episode: How to Handle Coronavirus Anxiety with Dan Harris (moderator) and Dr Luana Marquez’ and Dr Jay Michaelson.

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Breathe to Improve Your Relationship

Want to know one way to improve your relationship? Just breathe. Intentionally work on relaxing. Chill out. Reducing your stress helps your relationship in two ways: If you stay relaxed, fewer things, including your partner, irritate, frustrate, and annoy you. You can tolerate more. You can keep things in perspective. You get less amped up, […]

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Answers to Questions Not Asked

Guest Author, Christie Eppler, Ph.D. [Dr. Eppler is one of the best question askers and listeners I know. I am appreciative for this post and for the way she gently encourages connection and growth. I hope it encourages you to continue to lean in towards connection with others. – Jen] You know when several of […]

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Coping with Unemployment

Guest Author, Brian Cole, Ph.D. [I am grateful to Brian for contributing this post. I know many of you who have walked this path or are in the middle of it. Hopefully his insights can help on your journey. – Jen] I know unemployment. I know the isolation, depression, financial stress and crippling feeling of […]

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You Are Worthy

You know those days, months, years when you feel small? Less than? Did you know that it affects your relationship with others? Oprah introduced me to Brene Brown one day as I was flipping through channels and stopped on her Super Soul Sunday interview with her. I was fascinated by her research and by her […]

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Calm Down

I love creative relaxation ideas. This is one of my favorites for helping kids who are overwhelmed with whatever life throws at them (as long as they don’t throw the jar!). There is so much value in letting kids experience the feeling of calming down instead of overreacting to stress and feeling frustrated and out […]

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Fun With Feelings

Here’s an adorable idea to help your child (or yourself!) learn about expressing feelings. I love creative ideas like this that get you to think about the importance of getting in touch with your emotions. Being able to identify feelings gives you options as to how to support yourself or interact with others in your […]

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Marriage Counseling Is Not BS

I wanted to write a response to an article in The Huffington Post written by author and coach, Laura Doyle, entitled “6 Reasons Why Marriage Counseling is BS” (10/13/2012). For a variety of reasons, the author encourages couples to avoid marriage counseling if they are struggling. This is harmful to those who have used this […]

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