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Relationship Resolution Challenge

(Or How Not To Set a Goal You Won’t Stick To) Pick one relationship. One. Pick one thing. One. So many people identify overwhelming, vague goals at the beginning of the year and unintentionally set themselves up for failure and frustration. I want to challenge you to start the new year with the smallest goal […]

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The Magic Relationship Ratio

I love this video clip.  The concept is so clear and simple, although sometimes difficult to follow consistently in day-to-day life. Summary:  In order to improve your relationships, the recommended ratio is five positive behaviors for every one negative behavior.  So for every critical word or ‘helpful suggestion’ we make to our partners, we need to balance with […]

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Be Your Own Marriage Ref

I watched the new NBC show, The Marriage Ref, last night for the first time.  The show, created by Jerry Seinfeld, focus on the smaller, our-dog-sleeps-in- the-bed, squabbles between husbands and wives.  We see a quick clip of the cute couple and their issue.  The panel consists, of three celebrities, who give their opinions of […]

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Premarital Counseling Makes a Difference

Premarital Counseling?  Check. Ceremony location?  Check.  Photographer?  Check.  Flowers?  Check.  A plan for your marriage?  Silence.  If you were starting a business, you would have a business plan.  If you were going on a trip, you would plan your itinerary.  You enter your marriage expecting it to be one of the longest commitments of your […]

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Sprout Seeds, Sprout

As I’m writing my first blog entry, I think back to the hundreds of clients and their families I have worked with over the past 17 years.  I think about my motivation to continue in this work, which is not always easy.  Many people ask me how I can do what I do every day.  My response […]

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