You Are Worthy

You know those days, months, years when you feel small? Less than? Did you know that it affects your relationship with others?

Oprah introduced me to Brene Brown one day as I was flipping through channels and stopped on her Super Soul Sunday interview with her. I was fascinated by her research and by her ability to tell stories about fuzzy, difficult topics in clear ways. Brene Brown, Ph.D is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work and studies vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. She has two TED Talks – one on vulnerability (2010) and one on shame (2012) that are full of so much good stuff that you’ll have to go back and watch them several times to absorb it.

Here is her first one – The Power of Vulnerability. In it, she also tells a funny and authentic story of her encounter with her new therapist which many of us can relate to.

Next, watch Listening to Shame and learn how to be courageous in relationships.

If you want to read more, two of her books are Daring Greatly and The Gift of Imperfection.

You are worthy of connection. You are good enough. Once you feel as though you are worthy of connection, you are able to give and receive from others.

You are worthy.

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